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There is just so much that can be written about cars. If you are a Top Gear enthusiast it may be speed or manoeuvrability, but for the more functionally minded it might be something as simple as the storage space in the boot which clinches the deal when in the market. Some like their cars sleek, some prefer boxy, whilst for others the ability to drive two hundred thousand miles without having to replace it might lend it singular appeal.


How much does it do to the gallon? In how many seconds can it get to sixty? Can granny sit comfortably in the back with her bunions? We have different expectations from “the motor” and that fact, along with some others of course, will determine which model we eventually decide to invest in.


In addition recent years have seen some really exciting developments in the motoring industry. Electric cars, whilst still tentatively edging their way onto the market, are gradually coming more and more into their own, along with sundry configurations of hybrid. And now of course we have the prospect of driverless cars furtively coming on stream, with only human scepticism standing between themselves and a completely revolutionary approach to road travel. In the future, we are told, some cars will fly, although whether that fact serves to alleviate congestion on the M25 or just creates havoc for air traffic controllers remains to be seen. Whichever way you look at it, it gives us a lot to write about.


This is Where You Come In


We don’t just want to be telling people about cars. We want to hear your experiences, your thoughts, your ideas – and we want to share them with others. In that way this blog will become a vehicle for participation rather than just for information.


Having thousands of readers of this website gives you a ready-made audience for your own articles and contributions, which can link back to your own site, creating your own backlink as well as a useful supply of dedicated traffic with a natural interest in your niche. So you get a valuable link back from an authoritative site plus organic traffic – two for the price of one.


What Should You Write About?


The beauty of this interactive online resource is that its subject range is so broad. Yes we write about cars, but that is a whole lot of subject matter when you consider how much there is to say about them.


All we ask of you is that you keep your articles relevant to the overall topic and check for typos and errors, which naturally we reserve the right to correct to preserve the presentational quality of the blog. Ideally they should be around 500-800 words in length and may either be published anonymously or with your name attached, according to your own personal preference.


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