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We’re very excited about this little project of ours.  That’s all three of us – Simon, Jessica and our cervine friend – we are all keen to see this website grow in popularity and develop as an interactive resource for our fellow petrol heads and diesel heads (are electric heads a recognised sub-species yet?) to get involved with and enjoy.  From a standing start we already have tens of thousands of satisfied visitors (no unsatisfied ones as far as we are aware – we’re sure they would have told us). The next step is to move the whole thing on to another level.


The secret to this website’s steady but determined growth has been its interactivity.  Nobody wants only to read what we know about cars. People who love their motors want to tell is what they know too.  They want to share their knowledge, and share the love. That is why we value contributions from readers, they are what keeps this blog fresh, lively and interesting.


We also like to trawl the web and to find out what is new in the world of motoring, so that we can be the first to share it with you, our readers.  There is a whole lot of noise out there right now about driverless vehicles, pods and things to replace buses and taxis. Someone said there will be no drivers at all by the time our kids are our age.  It seems a hard thing to believe, but we will share all the news and views with you all the same and you can let us know what you think about some of these eerie and exciting developments as they begin to take shape, at first in the minds of some zany scientist and later, if they appear viable, in the designs of the existing car manufacturers who are determined that if something is going to emerge to replace their product they want to be there in the mix when it happens and not hand over their long-cherished dominance of the industry to Apple or Facebook without a fight.


We’re Looking for Sponsors, Can You Help?


One way to really help us build our site would be if your company or business could sponsor us.  We will feature your logo and product name on a dedicated sponsorship page in a prominent location on the blog.  With thousands of unique visitors every month we can promise you a big audience for you and for your business. If you think you may be interested please contact the NextCarsReview blog team by e-mail and we’ll talk you through the arrangements.


Our goal is to provide a one-stop review site for everything to do with cars, motoring and driving technology.  With your backing we can achieve that ambition and attract even more visitors and contributors to the site. Everybody wins.  We are keen, up and running and raring to go – please climb aboard and join us in promoting this inspiring new venture.