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The Team

The “motor” is an integral feature of most households.  The wife (or husband), the kids, the house, the car – and not always in that order.  For some of us it is just a thing that gets us from A to B, or a helpful means of conveying the shopping from the supermarket trolley to the fridge or the cupboard.  To others though it is a status symbol, our pride and joy – a fuel-injected, turbo-boosted, power-driven assertion of who we are.


It’s not surprising then that cars come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention colour schemes, engine capacities and, last but certainly not least, prices.  But whether your carriage of choice is a gleaming Roller with all the trim, a rocket-powered Lamborghini or a clunking, rattling relic which you took pity on en route to the scrapyard and decided, against all advice and good sense, to spend another sixty quid on in order to forestall the inevitable for a few more months, it is your vehicle, your conveyance.  Your motor.


Whatever the type or value of your car it needs maintaining, looking after, insuring, servicing, indeed the whole gamut of attention and tender loving care.  So it is useful to have as much information at your fingertips as you can, to keep it in its best working order and so that you will know what to do when it goes wrong.  That is why we have designed this blog for maximum relevance to all drivers and car owners.


The Moose on the Loose


We are three car enthusiasts called Simon, Jessica and The Moose.  Okay, The Moose isn’t a real name but neither is The Stig, and both of them have one thing in common – total anonymity (well in theory at least).  The Stig because it goes with his image and The Moose because he doesn’t want you to know he’s only held a driver’s licence for three months! But you know what they say, the zeal of the convert and all that.


Between us we talk, and write, about all things related to cars.  Whether it be product reviews, customer experiences, the latest developments from the world of motoring or whatever, if it drives then it will eventually find its way in some shape or form onto the pages of our blog.


Looking for Ideas


We want to cover every angle on the whole motoring experience, not just to focus on the latest products or comparisons between models and brands – although they are important too of course.  Possibly we could include a feature about your motoring experiences – things that have happened to you whilst out on the road, encounters with other road users, your issues with street furniture, road signs and officialdom.  Literally more or less anything goes, just so long as it has to do with cars.


We would love you to bookmark us and to call back regularly, whether it be to check for new information or to offer us some of your own.  Don’t be shy, The Moose is your friend.